Our Services

Dementia Waikato is a Charitable Trust providing support and information for people affected by dementia throughout the Greater Waikato region. Our experienced staff are caring and knowledgeable.

How we can help

At Dementia Waikato we provide information, education, support, advice, and personal advocacy for people with dementia, their families and whānau, and those who are close to them. A diagnosis of dementia brings up many issues and we help people negotiate their way forward in a way that suits their circumstances.

We provide:

  • Home visits and telephone support
  • Care partner support groups throughout the region
  • Advice about community support
  • Family/whānau education sessions to help understand how a person experiences dementia and develop strategies and skills to support everyone's wellbeing.
  • Transitioning in to care series
  • Socialising groups for people with dementia and their care partners
  • Information about forms of dementia
  • Community awareness talks
  • Training for residential care facility staff and in-home carers

Dementia Education

Dementia Waikato provides education to people with dementia and their family/whānau through:

  • One-on-one sessions
  • Family group sessions
  • Special sessions for children and young people

Awareness Talks

Dementia Waikato staff present awareness talks to community groups on a variety of subjects such as:

  • A general understanding of dementia
  • Supporting others in the community
  • Memory strategies
  • Protective factors

In Service Training

We provide in service training for rest home staff or community workers. This can be customised to the needs of your organisation. Some of our popular topics are:

  • Understanding dementia related behaviours
  • Communicating with a person with dementia
  • Interacting positively with people with dementia

Please note there is a cost for in service training.